Balloon Gizmo – The Long Lasting Alternative to Helium Balloons

Balloon Gizmo™ – Reusable Balloons that Stay Inflated for Months


In response to the helium shortage we are proud to offer the Balloon Gizmo™. Whether your goal is simply to create a festive atmosphere or to make an impact from a distance, Balloon Gizmo Systems give your event maximum visibility! Balloons are a proven sales and promotional tool that attract attention. When you choose Balloon Gizmo Systems, not only do you get the benefits of balloon display advertising, you also avoid many of the cost and performance pitfalls associated with helium!

Balloon Gizmo™ solves many of the problems associated with traditional helium inflated balloons:

  • Balloons use air not helium
  • Low one-time cost
  • Reusable balloons stay inflated for months
  • Always fly high, even in wind and heavy rain
  • Environmentally safe
  • Faster and easier setup – less time cutting, tying, measuring, and cleanup

Installation is a Snap!

Balloon Gizmo Systems are quick and easy to install. Check out all of the display options and complete assembly instruction videos.